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Waterloo Station

Experience Luxury and History at Waterloo Station

Waterloo Station has beautiful luxury accommodation in New England District, Northern NSW.

Waterloo Station accommodation offers the unique combination of luxury and history. The historic Waterloo Station earned its name when two settlers decided who would lay claim to this land with a fist fight!

Generations later, Waterloo Station has become a place of luxury and relaxation. Far from its rugged origins, our accommodations provide you with the highest in luxury experiences so that you can rest and enjoy your holiday with us.

The 180 year history of Waterloo Station has been held by only five different owners. We embrace that closely knit community and strive to keep our accommodations in great shape. We have restored Waterloo Station to its original glory and have brought back the historic beauty of all four accommodation facilities including our homestead. When you visit our accommodations, you’ll be stepping back to a simpler time while retaining all of the luxuries of our modern age.

Waterloo Station accommodation combines the best in rustic charm with modern convenience. Our guests will enjoy their stay in any one of our four locations. You can enjoy the warmth of a roaring fire, stroll our scenic grounds, and take part in regular events. Your time here is all about discovering something amazing in the world and in yourself.

Get in touch with us today to book your stay at our historic property.

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