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The Waterloo Creek Shack 

The Waterloo Creek Shack is  under construction!  The building is a conversion of an old grain storage shed into a luxury cabin for private couples retreats.  Capturing the tranquil, untouched natural surrounds of the Wellingrove Creek the  ambience of the location is unparalleled, with the sound of water flowing over the rocks below.   

Well it doesn't look like much now....but like all buildings on Waterloo we think it has huge potential. 


Massive recycled windows installed to capture that stunning creek view!


Check out that view! Guests will see this from the outdoor bathtub! 

IMG-20220210-WA0005.jpg there is a reason it called a shed not a cabin....a little work to do to make it weatherproof!


Starting to take shape...those windows look amazing! 


The original window openings to capture the beautiful surrounding bushland!


Cladding on the walls....looks great!

I.jpg spent a little more than I planned...but look at this tap!!



bend in the creek 1.jpg

Flooring on the verandah..amazing!



bend in the creek 1.jpg


bend in the creek 1.jpg
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