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Guest House

Country Guest House

Enjoy the Events and Scenery at Our Country Guest House

Waterloo Station is more than just its beautiful grounds and breathtaking scenery. The historic working cattle and sheep property is now providing the opportunity for guests to stay in the luxurious Waterloo Country Guest House or the fabulous Shearer's Lodge.

The Shearer's Lodge is the perfect choice for larger groups and people looking to get away and enjoy a truly unique Australian experience in the beautifully restored piece of history. Whether you need additional rooms for your group or you have something more intimate in mind, the Lodge is here to connect you to the luxury and relaxation offered by our farm stay.

Guests hungry for something full of oppulence, our  Waterloo Country Guest House is the right choice.

The Waterloo Country Guest House is a six bedroom luxury guest house surrounded by the beautiful homestead gardens. The perfect choice for larger groups, these accommodations are luxuriously appointed with all amenities and  features.

Whether you are booking your stay for an event, meeting up with family and friends,or having a romantic getaway for your relaxed stay, our accommodations offer the peace and relaxation you’ve been looking for.

Connect with us today to learn more about our historic accommodations and book your stay!

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